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Science of Selection

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Ours is a level playing field. We are Talent Unleashed.

We view everyone through a talent first lens that is free from unconscious judgments based upon gender, race, age, educational background, or even personality. In this way, we can be certain that everyone at Hologic is here through merit and is the very best at what they do.

We all have talents. But not everyone knows how to truly harness their power to deliver excellent performance. For us we see it in people who are engaged. Who show up with intention every day. Those people who combine their talent with purpose and ambition to deliver outstanding results. These are the people who have unstoppable potential. And that is what we look for. If we find it in you, we will create the conditions for you to unleash your impact on the world.

The Hologic Science of Selection framework is a unique approach that does not just focus on traditional methods of selection, such as skills, knowledge, experience, and education. Instead, it digs much deeper to objectively and consistently measure talent to identify and unlock hidden potential within our business - giving us greater certainty around the people decisions we make.

The Science of Selection gives us the ability to predict with certainty how a person will perform in a particular position by understanding what their unique talents are in relation to those needed to deliver top level performance. Once we know this, and we place a talented individual in a role that is the right fit for them, they will perform at consistently high levels and continue to develop and grow.

We lead by example

The transformation of our Global Leadership Team proves our commitment to our talent first lens and how it continues to enable us to unleash talent to deliver better outcomes. 40% of our Global Leadership Team is made up from talent found within our own business, who have been developed through key experiences and grown into leaders. Equally, through the Science of Selection approach, we have transformed the leadership perspectives of women and ethnically diverse talent to reflect 31% women and 31% diverse leaders now sitting at the very top of our organization. Facts we are very proud of.

So, to us, it simply makes sense. The Science of Selection enables us to attract, hire, and invest in top talent. It gives us our competitive advantage and talented edge.

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